Taught vendor and client correct test environment management processes.

Client: Insurance Company

Category: Quality, Vendor, Infrastructure, Knowledge Transfer, Transformation

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The claims processing department at this insurance company was the first to outsource its software development to a vendor.  ETHITEQUE was asked to set up a proper Vendor Acceptance Test Strategy and Plan as it seemed the teams were having trouble meeting their deadlines.

We quickly established a proper test strategy and plan and identified that a key reason the teams were having difficulty meeting their targets was because the vendor was being too helpful and needed to stop refreshing the code every time a defect was reported.  If code is constantly being refreshed, it introduces the risk of breaking one part of the system to fix another and becomes unclear to the test teams what may need to be regression tested.  As a result, the code seemed to be constantly failing when what was failing was the processes required to support an effective test.

Developed client’s first Vendor Acceptance Test Strategy and Plan
Identified (and fixed) key weaknesses in the testing processes
Trained vendor and client in the basics of testing

We taught the “testing basics” with both the vendor and the client and as well as how and when to refresh the test environment code.  Then we aligned them to the test strategy and plan.  Within no time, the test activities were going smoothly and soon the company felt comfortable implementing the software.