Program governance and a massive Business and Technology test.

Client: Multinational Bank

Category: Program Management, Quality, Vendor, Knowledge Transfer

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A triple bank merger brings with it all sorts of challenges.  For this major integration of not only technology but business processes, ETHITEQUE was asked to set out the Enterprise Integration Test (EIT) strategy and plan.

We drew upon Business, Technology, and Vendor support to set out the requirements to support the integration.  Because we were part of the Program Management Office, we established a governance process and set of reports to highlight and track any issues that would indicate the projects that were preparing to participate in the integration tests may not be ready.  We then taught the executive team how to interpret these governance reports and set up a Testing Steering Committee to review risks associated with any gaps and oversights that our team found as we reviewed project plans.

Established Enterprise Integration Test Strategy
Developed governance process and reports overseeing 126 projects
Established Testing Steering Committee to identify risks

The program was able to use our governance processes and testing strategy to manage the massive integration of 3 banks.