Missing release dates and poor morale – improved both in 3 months.

Client: Wealth Management

Category: Program Management, Transformation, Quality

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The CIO of Wealth Management invited ETHITEQUE to help fix a $50 million digitization program that was seriously over budget and struggling to meet release dates.  This was the organization’s first program run using the Agile methodology yet teams were not feeling empowered.  The constant pressure to deliver new releases while trying to fix problems in earlier releases weighed down staff morale, making the turnaround even more difficult.

After assessing the situation and holding workshops with the teams (over 125 people in all), we came up with a way to keep the Releases on track and empower team members to feel engaged and speak up during daily Stand Ups.

Reworked and then rebaselined the budget to reflect true delivery costs
Established mechanism to manage release content
Defined key milestone to track true release progress

Once we had restructured the communication lines – including identifying which milestone needed to be tracked for each release – this digitization program reliably released on time during each 6 week cycle.