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Client: Data / Machine Learning Startup

Category: Quality, Program Management, Startup, Transformation, Knowledge Transfer

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A startup with a global-first data product approached ETHITEQUE to help them build a solid business plan with a 5-year forecast.  Additionally, we were asked to meet with early customers across North America to enrich their understanding of business requirements.

The startup had received its initial funding and established their board of directors, hired a team, and then identified its first major data products and services across multiple releases, each release building upon the other.  Because their products were focused on capturing in-market product glitches (defects) and because ETHITEQUE has extensive background in this field of expertise, we were able to assist this company in a number of ways:  we determined which tools were most suitable, set out the data products in a meaningful way and helped to interpret the results so that customers would immediately find the data of value.  We also highlighted where in their product release stages they could benefit from machine learning / AI (artificial intelligence).

We also ensured that the new company set out its estimating, budget and forecasting capabilities so that it maintained the ability to foresee financial shortfalls long before they encountered them.  As well, we helped them operationalize their business and customer support processes and provided a structured project management practice which we call “Project Management Lite”.

Positioned startup for success
Aligned company to both operational and quality management best practices
Built a sound business plan with realistic timelines

The startup had exciting global potential and with our help, were able to operationalize effectively early in their lifespan.