A telecom startup had lots of business - but growing numbers of customer service staff was robbing them of profits.

Client: Telecom

Category: Quality, Transformation, Startup

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A telecom startup was doing well if you measured their success by sales figures.  However, their profits were not reflecting their sales progress.   That was because as sales increased, the number of customer service reps they needed to support the post-sale activities increased.  The core issue was product quality.

When their customer service reps became 50% of their staff, they realized they had a serious problem and reached out to ETHITEQUE.

Based on our recommendations, the company put in place a number of correct quality assurance and test practices to strengthen the quality of their product so that, over time, customers spent more time using a product that worked rather than call the help desk for a product that wasn’t working properly.

Finally, increasing sales led to increasing profits.

Implemented proper quality assurance practices
Strengthened product quality and decreased help desk calls

Building a high quality product, while appearing to be expensive at first, is actually cheaper in the long run as field support is never as intense with a product that works correctly.