A new bank was developed from the ground, up.

Client:  Bank

Category: Quality, Vendor, Program Management, Infrastructure, Knowledge Transfer

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An existing bank partnered with a major retailer to establish a brand new bank to serve what they called “the unbanked” in America.  A vendor was secured for the core processing and our client, the existing bank, built the business processes and training, etc., to support the bank operations.  ETHITEQUE was asked to ensure that the “people, process, and technology” was working correctly prior to launching the new bank that would serve their retail partner’s customers.

We trained the bank staff in the process of building end-to-end tests that confirmed that the processes and technology were working and that the people were ready to use them.  To execute the tests, we sent up a mock bank branch test facility where we ran through the end-to-end processes and identified any defects or issues.  Once this was done (and the issues fixed), we ran performance tests to ensure that the new bank could handle the expected transaction volumes.

Ironically, just as we completed this work and gave the go-ahead to proceed to marketing and launching the new bank, the U.S. regulator decided not to permit a retailer to serve as a bank branch, so the project was shelved.

Trained client staff on how to build and execute an end-to-end test that included business processes
Tested the client’s testers to ensure they were ready to proceed
Set up a mock branch and oversaw the people, process, and technology testing
Ensured technology vendor was aligned to our client’s requirements

We were able to confirm that the new bank’s people, process, and technology were ready to be launched.