The Business Case said it all – significant savings to consolidate operations in Canada.

Client: Capital Markets

Category: Program Management, Knoweldge Transfer

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A Canadian Capital Markets firm with operations in the U.S. decided to transition its Equity and Fixed Income roles from New York City to Toronto.

Because this was a high risk program, ETHITEQUE gathered the Canadian and American management team in a workshop and, together, identified all of the risks that might impact the success of the move.  Rather than simply run a paper exercise, identify mitigations, and then file the risk log away for future reference, we identified when each risk might be triggered and built a project plan around those risks.

Month by month, we then tracked those risks and drove project success by proactively addressing them before they were triggered.

Moved 64 Equity and Fixed Income roles to Toronto on time and without a hitch
Increased efficiency of hiring and training new staff
Built a Business Continuity site in Canada to replace the U.S. site

The transition went smoothly and the knowledge transfer process we established between the U.S. team and the Canadian team was highly effective.