Complexities tracked and issues highlighted.

Client: Multi-National Bank

Category: Quality, Infrastructure

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A telecom’s business case supported a significant investment to introduce IPTV but neither the vendors nor the company, itself, recognized the complexities involved in testing what they referred to as “bleeding edge” technology across multiple platforms.

ETHITEQUE was brought in to create an integration test strategy which, when implemented, quickly identified key weaknesses in both the newly developed IPTV product as well as supporting Business Processes, uncovering significant business risk.  A core reason that issues were arising was due to a continuously evolving set of requirements that made it difficult to accommodate across all platforms.

We often say “Bad news at the right time is a good thing” and by providing the difficult facts, we were able to protect the company’s reputational risk.

Identified key product and management issues prior to implementation
Implemented ETHITEQUE's integration test methodology to organization

We provided the President with information he required to reassess the go-live date and protect the company’s corporate reputation.