New teller machines – replace hardware and custom operating system.

Client: Multinational Bank

Category: Quality, Infrastructure

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Our client had been using a custom operating system for their front- and side-desk services for decades.  Although there were clear benefits to this approach (little to no cybersecurity issues), the drawbacks of not being able to integrate with vendor software nor secure the staff they required to maintain their systems were significant.

ETHITEQUE helped the program manager develop an effective multi-year plan.  We led the way by facilitating a 3-day planning workshop with 40 participants resulting in:

A multi-layered plan with intermittent deliverables
Reduced risk by restructuring massive project into “bite-sized” pieces
On-time rollout to 1,000 branches across 5 time zones

In addition to the new infrastructure, new applications and business processes were developed to support the front- and side-desk services.  The project involved stakeholders from the business, infrastructure, software development, and external vendors.