Fix 70 systems and set up a new department.

Client: Multinational Bank

Category: Transformation, Program Management, Vendor

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A multinational financial institution with operations in Europe and across North America self-identified a regulatory issue that it discovered on its own.  To the appropriate regulatory bodies, it committed to fixing the problem in 2 years.  ETHITEQUE was hired to help them drive this complex program to success.

Not only did this program stretch across two divisions, Wealth Management and Capital Markets, teams were operating in three countries.  The program involved 14 project teams across four major cities.  Sound Program Management techniques set on a foundation of open, clear, and effective communication processes, were key to this program’s success.

On budget and ahead of schedule
Introduced client to new, reusable templates and management techniques*
Smooth communications with strong cooperation

A new department was established and supported by new processes that more effectively captured any regulatory issues that surfaced.  As well, 70 systems were updated to close the regulatory gaps.

*Years later, client is still using these templates.